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Page 144: Large Size Book

The Chapter on Swaradaya (science of predicting through ones breath) is unqiue and cannot be found anywhere else. Harish Johari was an old master and all the other books have basis of Harish Johari's books - SA


This is a great guide for creating yantras and using them for meditation. It is also a great introduction to Tantra, the use of mantra, and the goddesses (and yantras associated with them) of the Mahavidyas

Tantric yantras are precise geometric forms that have been used for centuries as tools for self-realization and the attainment of mystical powers. In Tools for Tantra, Tantric practitioner and scholar Harish Johari has re-created the exact colors and proportions of the primordial yantras along with step-by-step instructions for their accurate construction, coloring, and use 


Harish Johari (1934-1999) was a painter, sculptor, and composer of Indian music. He authored twelve books on Eastern spirituality, including Ayurvedic Massage; Ayurvedic Healing Cuisine; Breath, Mind, and Consciousness; The Birth of the Ganga; Dhanwantari; and Chakras. He also produced several audiocassettes of mantra meditations, including Sounds of TantraAttunements for Day and Night, and Sounds of the Chakras. Harish Johari left his body on 20th Aug 1999. The Yoga Journal named him Ayurveda's Renaissance Man.

Some Links 


1. What is Tantra ?


Desires and the Chakras

Reprogramming the Brain

The Way to Awareness


2. Temperament and Tantra

Self Mastery

The Right and Left Brains

Swara Yoga: The Science of the Nostrils


3. Mantra: the Auditory Tool

the Effect of Mantra

The Origin of Mantra

Varieties of Mantra

atttitude of the aspirant

Suitable Places for Mantra Sadhana

Asana (seat)


Using a Mala

Homa: Fire worship

AUM: The Essence of All Mantras

Some Mantras for Japa


4. Yantra: the Visual Tool

Definition of Yantra

The Construction of Yantras

Human Physiology and Yantra

The Directions in Yantra

Varieties of Yantra

The Work of Yantras

Yantras and the Elements

Laws for Constructing Yantras

Materials for Construction

The Role of Colors

The Place for Making Yantras

Directions for the Construction of Yantras



Shri Yantra


5. Yantras of the Ten Mahavidyas



Tripur Sundari (Shodashi)


Tripur Bhairavi



Bagla Mukhi




6. Tantric Worship

Objects for Ritual Worship

Worship of Lord Ganesha


Index 135 

Color Plates: 16 Plates Diagrams 

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