The Greatness of Saturn By Dr. Robert E Svoboda [MLBD]

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Reading this work regularly is one of the best remedies for an afflicted Saturn or afflicted Saturn transit/Sade sati/Ashtam Shani/Kantak Shani - SA

The Greatness of Saturn allows you to experience directly the healing power of one of the world's greatest myths.

The telling of mythic stories has always been a powerful form of therapy, bring healing to people facing adversity. The Greatness of Saturn is such a therapeutic myth, told and retold through many centuries. Taken from the Vedic tradition, it honors the planet Saturn, who personifies time, limitation, loss, and all forms of adversity.

No person goes through life without sometime being touched by Saturn. This book presents a classic Saturn story and a clear view of the cosmology from which the story came. As we hear the story and come to understand its context, we experience a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

Worldwide Reviews

I've studied Western astrology for over 30 years. I would always have a feeling of fear around the planet Saturn, whether in a natal chart or transit. I learned about this book in the Book Reviews of The Mountain Astrologer magazine, a publication I find a necessity of life! When I bought the book, I was going through some major life challenges. This book taught me that I needed an attitude adjustment when it came to Saturn. Due to this book, I did not give up on myself during those challenges. Two years later, I find that things I used to dread I now welcome into my life because they've helped me grow spiritually. Saturn has taught me, through the mythology in this book, how to RESPECT boundaries and limits. More importantly, it has helped ME set boundaries (around myself) for others to respect.
This is a book you must read if you are an astrologist. This is about great wisdom of the ages which we can apply in our lives today! Blessings...


Om Amrtesvaryai Namah! A masterful retelling of the "Sani Mahatmyam" with a wonderful personal touch as in all his writings.This book very expertly shows the effects of the planets on one's everyday life, and offers an object lesson in why we must pursue spirituality as if our lives depended on it. (Cause they do!!!!)A wonderful way of showing that Saturn's job is not so much just to give us all a hard time, but rather to help us turn inward to the real help we might find from the Divine within.i loved every page, and many of them were wet with tears. All i can say is Thankyou Robert Svoboda, and when may we expect the next delicious morsel from you? Om Namah Sivaya! visvanathan 

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