The Best Use Of Shodasa Varga (Sixteen Divisional Charts) by K Jaya Sekhar [MiscP]

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The best use of

Whispering Campaign of the Planets

Prof Jaya Sekhar, in this book The Best Use of SHODASA VARGA, explains the real concept
of the system of Shodasa Varga. The book gives a deep insight into the whole concept and use of
the SHODASA VARGA system. He presents the proper use of Shodasa Varga as System
–JAYA. He adopts a modern text book style and as far as possible a scientific way of
In the introduction he says that “while the Planets loudly proclaim the outlines of life, the minute
intricacies and variations of each aspect of a life, the subtleties are only whispered. It is
necessary to carefully listen to these whispers of the Nava Grahas and the Lagna. The Shodasa
Varga reveals these whispers.”
The general rules as to how the Shodasa Vargas should be studied in general are given. For each
of the Varga division the specific rules, the multiple uses of the Varga and the interpretations
based on those rules are given. The meanings and significance of the names of the deities ruling
Varga divisions assumes importance. The meaning and significance of these names for
interpretation are fully explained. Appendix 1 gives a list of the names of Deities used in each
Varga. Appendix 2 explains the importance of Drik Bala and why aspects could be used in the
study of only the Navamsa Chart.
The Professions signified and the health problems indicated by each one of the Nava Grahas
given in Appendix 3 and 4 are of much use for interpretation of the profession and health
The Ready Reckon Tables for each Varga enable the astrologer to readily find the planetary
position in any Varga when the longitude is known. There are almost forty tables. They are an
added advantage and can be used by astrologers without resorting or depending computer
printout of Varga Tables. The study of the example chart makes the entire procedure easy and
clear. This book would be a invaluable addition to the library of a modern Vedic Astrologer.
“I have given you the most secret and sacred knowledge. Critically analyze it. You are free to do

what you want with it.”- Bhagavad Geetha- Ch18-V63

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