Techniques Of Predicting Future by Dr. Nimai Banerjee [MiscP]

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Dr Nimai Banerjee is the most talented astrologer of this era especially that of 21st Century. He is polite, decent, serious, organized and methodical in his approach towards any judgment of any aspect of mundane, natal and traditional astrology.

His thousands of predictions have come true. He predicted about assassination of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, General Zia; fall of Benazir Bhutto, P.V. Narasimha Rao, Devegowda Ministry with many international leaders, so also military rule in Pakistan accurately. He predicted so many natural calamities inclusive of Bhopal Gas Tragedy-84; Super Cyclone of Odisha-99 with Gujarat Cyclone and Earthquake; Tsunami of 2004/11 in Japan before time




Part A: Secrets of Predictions (Page 9 to 122)

1.       Trinity Of Astrology

2.      Karakamsa: A Novel Outlook

3.      Role of Atmakaraka in Predictions

4.     Vargottamamsa & Eminence

5.      Role of Badhak In Prediction

6.     Twelve Moods Of Planets & Results

7.     The Evil Of Trika Houses

8.     Judge Your Status

9.     Major Events and Jupiters Transit

10.  Astrology & Profession

11.    Chances of Foreign Travel

12.   Lagna Rasi: its Thoughts and Actions

13.   The Atma and the Seven Heavens

Part B: Essential Clues of Predictions (Page 123 to 154)

1.       Judgement of Venus-Saturn Dasaantar

2.      A Deviation To Sutra No 1 – 126

3.      Dasa of 8th lord and Death

4.     Yogas Of Planets & Dasa Result

5.      Auspicious Dasa and Bhukti Results

6.     Dasa & Earning Money

7.     Role of Rahu in its Dasa

8.     Death of Father (8 to 12)

9.     Venus Jupiter Creating Rajyoga

10.  Sun Mercury Creating Rajyoga

11.    Moon Mars Creating Laxmiyoga

12.   Jupiter Saturn Creating Guru Souri Yoga

13.   Jupiter Mars Creating Mahashakti Yoga

14.  Jupiter Moon Creating Gajakeshari Yoga

15.   Judging Rahu Ketu

16.  Role of Jupiter Venus Mercury

17.  Judging of Venus

18.  Connection of Jupiter Venus Mercury

19.  Conjunction of Sun and Combustion

20. Conjunction of other planets with Rahu

21.   Rahu-Sun & Rahu-Saturn yogas

22.  Relation of Rahu and Mercury


Part C: Missing Links in Dasa System (Page 155 to 197)


1.       Scientific Approach Of Vimshottari Dasa

2.      Dasa: The Karmic Consequences

3.      Planetary Behavior in Dasa System

4.     Saturn Vs Venus: Metamorphosis in Astrology

5.      Some Hints on Judging Horoscopes

Part D: Shodasa Vargas: The Forgotten Secrets (Page 198 to 224)

1.       Shada Varga: The Forgotten Secrets

2.      Shodasa Vargas: A Novelty


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