Kalyan Varma Saravali Commentary by Dr. S.C. Mishra [RP]

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Kalyan Varma's classic translated by Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra


Volume 1: 1. Birth of Hora Sasthra; 2. Meaning of Hora; 3. Rasi description; 4. Planetary characters; 5. Miscellaneous matters; 6. Yoga karakas; 7. Planetary indications; 8. Copulation & conception; 9. Conditions at birth; 10. Evils at birth;

11. Evils & the moon; 12. Evils cancelled at birth; 13. Lunar yogas; 14. Yogas from the sun; 15. Conjunctions of two planets; 16. Conjunctions of three planets; 17. Conjunctions of four planets; 18. Conjunctions of five planets; 19. Conjunctions of six planets; 20. Combinations for renunciation;

21. Nabhasa yogas; 22. Effects of the sun; 23. Effects of the moon in various rasis; 24. Effects of the moon in various navamsas; 25. Effects of Mars in various rasis; 26. Effects of Mercury in various rasis. 358 pages.

Volume 2: 27. Effects of Jupiter in various signs; 28. Effects of Venus in various signs; 29. Effects of Saturn in various signs; 30. Effects of planets in bhavas;

31. Two planets in angles; 32. Ninth house & effects thereof; 33. Tenth house & effects thereof; 34. Different houses & worldly affairs; 35. Rajayogas; 36. Planetary rays; 37. Pancha maha purusha yogas; 38. Effects of natural constituents & primordial compounds; 39. Obstruction to rajayogas; 40. Calculation of longevity;

41. Moola dasa; 42. Effects of sub-periods; 43. Evil effects of dasa; 44. Antidotes for evil dasas; 45. Effects of planetary dignities; 46. Female horoscopy; 47. Aphorisms of death; 48. Lost horoscopy; 49. Effects of horas; 50. Effects of decanates;

51. Effects of navamsas; 52. Lost horoscopy; 53. Ashtakavarga; 54. Effects of ashtakavarga; 55. Manifold births. 483 pages.

Comment: Kalyana Varma was an ancient king of Vyaghrapada (c. 900 AD) who studied astrology to better rule his subjects. His classic treatise, much inspired by Parasara, treats of yogas, planetary combinations, effects of planets in rasis & Navamsas, evils at birth & how to cancel them, houses, planetary rays, longevity, moola dasa periods & sub-periods, female horoscopy, lost horoscopy, horas, ashtakavargas & more. Includes original Sanskrit slokas. 


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