Kalaprakasika by N.P. Subramonia Iyer [CBH]

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This Important classic on electional astrology and Muhoortha in Indian Astrology. The value and practice of scence of astrology were well  understood in India by the ancient aryans. It was the first sketch of science of the ancient Brahmanas to whom a knowledge of astronomical
positions were indispensable in order to determine the proper time for commencing and ending their sacrifices, which could not be known  without the knowledge of sun’s northern or southern progress,
The election system teaches us to think and help ourselves in our daily lives in the astrological way. It tells us what the rising Sign and the configuration   of  planets etc at the time of commencing a good function.  It is a study of the highest importance to everyone wishing to understand the fortunate time for performing a function, celebrating an event, for starting a concern, so that he may achieve the best possible results in accordance with his desire and efforts. Here the reader understands the strength and quality of each planet or asterism, in separate   and conjunctional influence, the measure and quality of its aspects, and the particular function or functions in which it manifests its sympathy. The election  system teaches us to think and help ourselves in our daily lives in an astrological  way. It tells us what should be the rising sign and the configuration of planets etc  at the time of commencing a good function. One outstanding feature of the election is the predominant influence ascribed to asterisms.

“This book and a copy of the almanac are all required to enable one to follow  the rules in practice.”

“This book deals with the complete study of the electional system and study of astrology  in full”.

“ Sri Subramonia Iyer narrates in  a masterly manner the elementary facets of astronomy whhich forms the
groundwork, for astrology and electional calculation and  its influence.”

Sri.N.P..SUBRAMONIA IYER, has undertaken an  astrological series, which deals with the various  parts of astrology the present volume contains the translation of the important classic on astrology the Kalaprakasika, a treatise  for the selection of the right time by the astrological rules, for  undertaking any and every action of human life. The most  important part of the book is the introduction in which he  gives the psychological influences of the planets. 

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