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Characteristics of Different Ascendants 0

1. Aries 

  1. Person of Aries Ascendant are generally born in upper middle class or upper class family.
  2. They have more acid in their body than others. This is the reason behind acidity problem of Aries Ascendant Person.
  3. They generally gain from government related work.
  4. They always like to work as an administrator and usually do the same. They normally make quick decisions without taking enough time. This is the main drawback of this sign.
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Bhrighu Pada Dasa System –A Leaf of Bhrighu Maharishi 0

There are various predictive tools available in Jyotish. Among them Bhrigu Maharishi’s Pada Dasa is an important technique for predicting or timing an event. But this method is not practiced for want of proper information for application which is due to non availability of literature, article or texts.

Recently in ICAS-Secunderabad chapter Nadi Course on different levels was conducted under able co-ordination of Shri A.V. Sundaram an eminent Nadi Researcher and National Joint Secretary – ICAS. In the course of the study, Bhrigu Pada Dasa's were extensively worked out. I am thankful to the authors/speakers especially Shri Tejan Bose who contributed in Bhrighu Pada System.

To begin with we must find the Arudha Pada of the houses. Arudha Pada also called as “Pada” and means “Mount” and refers to the image of a sign falling on another due to reflection of the rays emanating from it and being reflected by its lord.

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View Point 0

In western astrology, the 10th house is supposed to represent the father. It appears to be logical as it is the 7th from the 4th, the latter indicating the mother. In the Indian system however the 9th is said to refer to the father.

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Memoirs Of Shri Swami ji 0

Baroda Astrology Club, a place where  lovers and believers of astrology can get together and share an infinity of astrological  interests,  was  founded   by our late Shri Swamiji, one of the most renowned astrologers of Mumbai many years ago already. 

Since Saptarishis Astrology offers a space for sharing and enjoying remembrances of great ones from bygone times, I take this opportunity to share some incidents about our Shri Swamiji, a man who never swerved from his love and strong faith in Jyotish in spite of any circumstances or apparent difficulties. 

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Gripping of Planets by the Nodes 0

Our subject is based on Nodes. Therefore, let us understand what Nodes are. Nodes (Rahu and ketu) are considered in Hindu astrology as equivalent to planets, but they are not physical bodies. They are only calculated points having immense effect over the life of nativities on Earth. Moon is a natural satellite of Earth, which rotates around the Earth. The Earth with its satellite revolves around the sun and moon in its orbit crosses the ecliptic. There are two points of intersections, each 180 degree away from each other known as North Nodes or Dagon’s head and South Node or Dragon’s tail. Nodes are considered shadowy planets - in the darkness, one cannot see any object and he has to only imagine. Therefore, it is very difficult for astrologer to predict correctly on the basis of Nodes in the chart of Native.

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Do not be afraid if you are going to start your Saade Sati. Read to find out if Saade sati is boon or bane! 0

The name “Saadesati” (A period of seven and half year) sends a chill in the spine of a common man. Most of the astrologers consider it as a dreadful occurrence by just ignoring the positive qualities of Saturn. Apart from seven and half years transit of Saturn i.e. Saadesati, the transit of Saturn over the 4th house from the natal Moon known as Ardhashtma Shani and over the 8th house from the natal Moon ie Ashtam Shani, the transit of Saturn over the 4th and 8th houses of natal Moon is known as Dhayiya of Saturn, which are considered equally bad by the majority of astrologers. The natives who are born during the period of Saadesati or of Dhayiya of Saturn likely to suffer maximum during the Saturn’s transit over the sensitive houses. But experience shows otherwise. Before sharing my views I will like to divide this article into three parts as under:


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Lagna Varahi 0

Sri Madvarahmihiracharya’s Lagna Varahi 

Hindi Translator: Pandit Sri Kamlakant Tripathi Jyotishacharya Re Translated For Saptarishis Astrology By Anuj Bahl, India.  A ‘Mission Saptarishis’ Initiative. 

Male Horoscopy

1st House Results In the ascendant, Sun gives pain in the body; Mars brings impurities in the blood, Saturn causes many types of sorrowful experiences; Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mercury confer beauty, satisfaction and joyful experiences. 

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The Brihadjataka of the great Varaha Mihira is a very small treatise in volume compared to various other famous works. There are about 400 verses. Though the name of the book is mentioned as Horashastra in the last verse, it is aptly known as Brihadjataka because of the vast ideas hidden in the apparently short work.

In the second stanza of first chapter he stated: Though, studious scientists have compiled many books for imparting the knowledge of the effect of horoscopes to the intelligent people, for helping those who did not succeed in the effort to cross the ocean of Astrology, I am commencing creation of this small boat in the form of science, which is brief, consisting of variety of meters, and having multiple meanings.

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